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+Various Emacs Lisp libraries of my own hand
+Major Mode for editing cddbread entry files (e.g. for use with command-line CD-ripper abcde)
+Completion functions for editing CSS-files (to be used alongside another CSS-mode)
+Write Gothic like Warsila (gothic input method)
+Look up documentation on lisp-magick (both on C-style and LISP names)
+Some interfaces for interacting interacting with the nyquist interpreter (which
+simply should be run with the function `run-lisp')
+While we do not have bidirectional support in GNU Emacs, this program can be used to write right-to-left languages such as Arab, Persian and Yiddish.
+Shells out to command-line program such as fribidi of bidiv to show a mirror buffer with bidified output for a buffer in logical order.
+Program to write srt-formatted subtitles in Emacs. Uses either mplayer or vlc as a backend.
+Write Yiddish like Singer (yiddish input method).

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