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No need to use call-interactively to call self-insert-command inside …

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1 parent 24b792d commit 0e10ee19bbc8cfd6dacf46bcabdeeed02e3985df @bgoodr bgoodr committed with
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5 gimp-mode.el
@@ -724,10 +724,7 @@ buffer."
(if gimp-just-one-space
(just-one-space n)
- ;; Call the self-insert-command to give pre-command-hook's a chance
- ;; to operate (such as `delete-selection-mode'). See also the
- ;; setting for 'delete-selection property later on:
- (call-interactively 'self-insert-command))
+ (self-insert-command n))
;; Notify delete-selection-mode that gimp-space should act like what a space

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