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Document the possibility to use a shell script to rid error messages.

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@@ -342,7 +342,20 @@ script-fu console."
"gimp-2.6.exe" ;Probably... does not
;really matter anyway
- "Name of Gimp executable"
+ "Name of Gimp executable.
+If Gimp produces error messages, you may want to define and a
+shell script redirecting stderr, something like:
+ #!/bin/sh
+ GIMP=`which gimp-2.7`
+ $GIMP $@ 2>/tmp/gimp-err.log
+should do.
+This is because Emacs cannot distinguish between stderr and
+stdout for subprocesses.
+See Info node `(elisp)Output from Processes'."
:group 'gimp
:type '(string))

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