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Remove dupes when it is useful, not after.

* mingus.el (mingus-add-podcast): `mingus-remove-dupes' was at the wrong point.
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1 parent ae0fd0e commit 4a698a76b57046c85fe84a846196ca0b11badc8f @pft committed Sep 17, 2011
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@@ -3108,8 +3108,8 @@ Actually it tries to retrieve any stream from a given url.
(or (cdr (assoc url mingus-podcast-alist))
(assoc url mingus-podcast-alist)
- (streams (mingus-streams-from-podcast-with-regexp xml)))
- (mingus-remove-dupes (mapcar 'mingus-add streams)))))
+ (streams (mingus-remove-dupes (mingus-streams-from-podcast-with-regexp xml))))
+ (mapcar 'mingus-add streams))))
;; (defun mingus-streams-from-podcast (xmlstring)
;; (let ((xml

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