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ocws-woocommerce-adminbar ocws-woocommerce-adminbar

OCWS WooCommerce Admin Bar Plugin


This plugin will check to see if the WooCommerce plugin exists. If it does, it will look at the orders, and publish the number of orders needing processing on the admin bar.

Version 0.3

Declaration of support for WooCommerce added. Currently tested up to WC 3.2.3

Version 0.2.1

Also displays menu for editors.

Version 0.2

Now publishes how many orders need processing

Version 0.1

ocws-woocommerce-adminbar The plugin tests to see if the user is an admin, and also to see if the WooCommerce plugin is installed. Then it will produce this display in the admin bar. Clicking on that display will take you to the orders list, so that pending orders can be dealt with.