A fully decentralized exchange powered by Ripple. Trade, issue, and send anything anywhere in real-time.
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The World Exchange


Very simple, "vanilla" 100% HTML client-side-only site demonstrating much of Ripple/XRP's capabilities through their API, including but not limited to:

  • Trading of symbols (buy/sell)
  • Issuing new symbols, including Ripple's KYC features like allowing only authorized token holders.
  • Sending/receiving symbols
  • Bid/ask orderbooks for any symbol with autobridging implemented to connect all XRP-traded symbols.
  • Fully client-side implementation for all the benefits of a "cold wallet" (no storing or passing of information on remote servers), including the ability to both generate and verify valid wallets/addresses completely offline by saving the webpage to your desktop.
  • Bonus: Chat box feature running entirely on Ripple, decentralized and stored forever, doubles as a free notary because nothing can ever be changed or removed once it's up.
  • Bonus 2: Ripple Names is back and re-implemented entirely on the ledger.

We welcome others to improve on the code and share; we're happy to update the site with any code improvements others make (after review etc of course). The site already is and always has been open-source by the fact that it's just pure HTML/Javascript, which anyone can right-click the page while viewing and see the source on. At the very least, it should be helpful as working examples for much of Ripple's API functionality.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask or reach out at contact@theworldexchange.net