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Clang completion for Sublime Text 3. Additionally, it provides diagnostics and some simple navigation capabilites.


First, clone this repo into your sublime packages folder(it doesn't use Package Control). Then cd into the complete directory and type:


This will build the binary. It requires the development version of Clang to build(the package libclang-dev on debian-based distros). To get the appropriate development package on OS X, install LLVM via Homebrew:

brew install --with-clang --with-all-targets --with-rtti --universal --jit llvm


ClangComplete provides code completion for C, C++, and Objective-C files. To figure out the compiler flags needed to parse the file, ClangComplete looks into the build directory in the project folder for the cmake build settings. If the build directory is placed somewhere else the build_dir can be set to the actual build directory. Also if cmake is not used, options can be manually set by setting the default_options setting.

ClangComplete also shows diagnostics whenever a file is saved, and provides Goto Definition functionality. Here are the default shortcuts for ClangComplete:

Key Action
alt+d, alt+d Go to definition
alt+d, alt+c Clear cache
alt+d, alt+t Show type