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pgManage - A fast PostgreSQL admin tool

A fast replacement for PGAdmin!

Postage was the first free, open source application to use a modern architecture for managing a PostgreSQL database.

Postage was benchmarked to be the fastest PostgreSQL Administration application for it's entire first year.

During that time it acquired thousands of users from dozens of countries all across the world.

Postage was the first to offer a "Design View" that produced a script that would drop and recreate only the items that depended on your object.

Postage has set the baseline of PostgreSQL Admin app speed and feature set and we are excited to witness the resulting growth and competition in the PostgreSQL ecosystem.


The developers can be reached through Workflow Products.


This project has been archived. We are consolidating our code base for ease of maintenance. We don't expect users to be affected.

New versions of pgManage will be available under the name Postage here.

An issue tracker is available. Please report problems here.

Copyright 2023 Workflow Products LLC