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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- a way is imported if it matches one of the following tag_values -->
<!-- tag_values are processed in the order of their ID -->
<tag_name name="highway" id="1">
<tag_value name="road" id="100" />
<tag_value name="motorway" id="101" />
<tag_value name="motorway_link" id="102" />
<tag_value name="motorway_junction" id="103" />
<tag_value name="trunk" id="104" />
<tag_value name="trunk_link" id="105" />
<tag_value name="primary" id="106" />
<tag_value name="primary_link" id="107" />
<tag_value name="secondary" id="108" />
<tag_value name="secondary_link" id="124" />
<tag_value name="tertiary" id="109" />
<tag_value name="tertiary_link" id="125" />
<tag_value name="residential" id="110" />
<tag_value name="living_street" id="111" />
<tag_value name="service" id="112" />
<tag_value name="track" id="113" />
<tag_value name="pedestrian" id="114" />
<tag_value name="services" id="115" />
<tag_value name="bus_guideway" id="116" />
<tag_value name="path" id="117" />
<tag_value name="cycleway" id="118" />
<tag_value name="footway" id="119" />
<tag_value name="bridleway" id="120" />
<tag_value name="byway" id="121" />
<tag_value name="steps" id="122" />
<tag_value name="unclassified" id="123" />
<!-- the following lines are only evaluated if there is no highway-tag at the way -->
<tag_name name="cycleway" id="2">
<tag_value name="lane" id="201" />
<tag_value name="track" id="202" />
<tag_value name="opposite_lane" id="203" />
<tag_value name="opposite" id="204" />
<tag_name name="tracktype" id="3">
<tag_value name="grade1" id="301" />
<tag_value name="grade2" id="302" />
<tag_value name="grade3" id="303" />
<tag_value name="grade4" id="304" />
<tag_value name="grade5" id="305" />
<tag_name name="junction" id="4">
<tag_value name="roundabout" id="401" />