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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tag_name name="highway" id="1">
<tag_value name="motorway" id="101" priority="1.0" maxspeed="130" />
<tag_value name="motorway_link" id="102" priority="1.0" maxspeed="130" />
<tag_value name="motorway_junction" id="103" priority="1.0" maxspeed="130" />
<tag_value name="trunk" id="104" priority="1.05" maxspeed="110" />
<tag_value name="trunk_link" id="105" priority="1.05" maxspeed="110" />
<tag_value name="primary" id="106" priority="1.15" maxspeed="90" />
<tag_value name="primary_link" id="107" priority="1.15" maxspeed="90" />
<tag_value name="secondary" id="108" priority="1.5" maxspeed="90" />
<tag_value name="secondary_link" id="109" priority="1.5" maxspeed="90"/>
<tag_value name="tertiary" id="110" priority="1.75" maxspeed="90" />
<tag_value name="tertiary_link" id="111" priority="1.75" maxspeed="90" />
<tag_value name="residential" id="112" priority="2.5" maxspeed="50" />
<tag_value name="living_street" id="113" priority="3" maxspeed="20" />
<tag_value name="service" id="114" priority="2.5" maxspeed="50" />
<tag_value name="unclassified" id="117" priority="3" maxspeed="90"/>
<tag_value name="road" id="100" priority="5" maxspeed="50" />
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