Documentation for osm2pgrouting v2.3

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Allowed options:

  --help                                Produce help message for this version.
  -v [ --version ]                      Print version string

  -f [ --file ] arg                     REQUIRED: Name of the osm file.
  -c [ --conf ] arg (=/usr/share/osm2pgrouting/mapconfig.xml)
                                        Name of the configuration xml file.
  --schema arg                          Database schema to put tables.
                                          blank: defaults to default schema 
                                                dictated by PostgreSQL 
  --prefix arg                          Prefix added at the beginning of the 
                                        table names.
  --suffix arg                          Suffix added at the end of the table 
  --postgis                             Install postgis if not found.
  --addnodes                            Import the osm_nodes table.
  --attributes                          Include attributes information.
  --tags                                Include tag information.
  --hstore                              Use hstore for attributes and/or tags. 
                                        (not indicating will use json)
  --chunk arg (=20000)                  Exporting chunk size.
  --clean                               Drop previously created tables.
  --no-index                            Do not create indexes (when is not the 
                                        first file)
  --fork                                Use fork (works on small files).

Database options:
  -d [ --dbname ] arg                   Name of your database (Required).
  -U [ --username ] arg                 Name of the user, which have write 
                                        access to the database.
  -h [ --host ] arg (=localhost)        Host of your postgresql database.
  -p [ --port ] arg (=5432)             db_port of your database.
  -W [ --password ] arg                 Password for database access.
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