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@cvvergara cvvergara released this Apr 6, 2016 · 6684 commits to master since this release

With the release of pgRouting 2.2, we continue with the re-factoring of the library.
Various bugs have been fixed and a new family of functions withPoints has been added.

For important changes see the following release notes.
To see the full list of changes check the list of Closed Issues on Github.

The documentation has more details about the signatures.

Changes for 2.2.0


  • pgr_nodeNetwork
    • Adding a row_where and outall optional parameters

Signature fix

  • pgr_dijkstra -- to match what was documented (the pgr_dijkstra from v2.0)

New functions

  • pgr_floydWarshall
  • pgr_Johnson
  • pgr_dijkstraCost

New Proposed functions

  • pgr_withPoints
  • pgr_withPointsCost
  • pgr_withPointsDD
  • pgr_withPointsKSP
  • pgr_dijkstraVia

Deprecated functions:

  • pgr_apspWarshall use pgr_floydWarshall instead
  • pgr_apspJohnson use pgr_Johnson instead
  • pgr_kDijkstraCost use pgr_dijkstraCost instead
  • pgr_kDijkstraPath use pgr_dijkstra instead
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