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GSoC 2018 Parallel Dijkstra and Bellman Ford

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Brief Description

Graph Algorithms like Dijkstra’s single source shortest path algorithm are widely applied in many routing applications, but for the Large-scale graph, computation problem may arise. It may be beneficial to exploit the high-performance parallel computing system, by implementing distributed graph algorithms in pgRouting.

This project aims to add Parallel Dijkstra’s Algorithm using Parallel BGL functionalities and additionally a classical sequential graph algorithm namely, bellman_ford_shortest_paths to pgRouting.

State of the project before GSoC

The current state of the pgRouting doesn’t support any parallel algorithm. Therefore, we may need to create a separate branch for parallel algorithms in pgRouting.


  1. Implementation of Parallel Dijkstra’s algorithm for pgRouting by parallel Boost Graph Library.
  2. Implementation of Bellman Ford_ shortest_path algorithm by BGL.
  3. Documentation and tests for the above-mentioned functionality.


Project Proposal



Log of Pull Requests

Pull Request Description Date Status
#1082 GSoC'18 Implemented functions(merged to develop) 02 August 2018 Merged
#1081 Fix issues with new functionalities 01 August 2018 Merged
#1078 Compile my project work with gcc7 31 July 2018 Merged
#1073 [WIP] Implemention of pgr_dagShortestPath 27 July 2018 Merged
#1068 [WIP] DAG Shortest Path Algorithm 20 July 2018 Merged
#1064 Implement Parallel dijkstra on distributed graph 12 July 2018 Merged
#1061 Experimentation of parallel boost graph 8 July 2018 Merged
#1060 Fix Compile and Documentation Warnings 4 July 2018 Merged
#1053 [WIP] Implementation of pgr_bellmanFord (Reading negative weightd edges) 29 June 2018 Merged
#1049 [WIP] Implementation of pgrBellmanFord(changed function's name) 18 June 2018 Merged
#1043 [WIP] Full Implementation of pgr_bellman_ford with Documentation 12 June 2018 Merged
#1042 [WIP]Implementation of pgr_bellman_ford (Many-to-many function) 7 June 2018 Merged
#1039 [WIP] Implementation of pgr_bellman_ford (One-to-one function) 30 May 2018 Merged
#1033 [WIP]Implementation of Bellman-Ford (Initial code structure) 24 May 2018 Merged


Community Bonding Period

Task 1: Get familiar with C++


Task 2: Add demo function funnyDijkstra (codesgDijkstra)


  • Make a new branch (codesg_demo)
  • Make changes to add pgr_codesgDijkstra in that branch. It created files in src, pgtap, sql, doc, include, test for codesgDijkstra function.

Task 3: Guidelines for Community Bonding Period(Handwritten Content)


Official Coding Period (Phase 1)

Week 1 (14 May - 20 May)

Task 1: Detailed Signature for Bellman Ford algorithm


  • Create a Detailed Signature for the Bellman-Ford algorithm with all arguments specification.
  • Verification with some standard relevant documents.
  • Discuss and finalize it with mentors.

Task 2: Implement Basic Code Structure of the algorithm from the template

Local Branch:

Week 2 (21 May - 27 May)


Task 1: Implement pgr_bellman_ford

  • Src Directory
    • Create CMakeLists.txt & bellman_ford.c & bellman_ford_driver.cpp
  • Include Directory
    • Create bellman_ford_driver.h
  • Sql Directory
    • Create CMakeLists.txt & bellman_ford.sql
  • Modified configurations.conf File

Task 2: Fix function's License

  • Change developers name & email address.

Task 3: Testing for Assertions

Week 3 (28 May - 3 June)


Task 1: Working Implementation for pgr_bellman_ford One-One Variant

  • Include Directory
    • Create pgr_bellman_ford.hpp
    • Fix it to work correctly.
  • Modified code to work for all variants
    • Sql Directory (Signature Declaration for user end)
    • Src Directory (bellman_ford.c and bellman_ford_driver.cpp file)
    • Include Directory

Task 2: Fix Some Debug issues

  • Recollect logs from .c and .cpp files.
  • Retrive System/User's function calls for debugging.

Week 4 (4 June - 10 June)


Task 1: Fix issues regarding ARRAY argument as input

Task 2: Fix Code

  • Sql Directory
    • Create _pgr_bellman_ford.sql (To link .c file)
    • Modify pgr_bellman_ford.sql (For calling all signature's variants)
  • Src Directory
    • Modify bellman_ford.c for array inputs
  • Fix test counts in pgTap files.

Official Coding Period (Phase 2)

Week 5 (11 June - 17 June)


Task 1: Working Implementation for pgr_bellman_ford For all variants

  • One to One
  • One to Many
  • Many to One
  • Many to Many

Task 2: Documentation Files Modified

  • Update doc-pgr_bellman_ford.queries
  • Update pgr_bellman_ford.rst

Week 6 (18 June - 24 June)


Task 1: Change Function's name

  • function's name changed from pgr_bellman_ford to pgr_bellmanFord

Task 2: Reading negative weighted edge in graph

  • Create functions for reading all edges(edge.cost >=0 or edge.cost< 0)
  • Debugging inside the code

Task 3: Testing code for boost's bellman-ford algorithm

Week 7 (25 June - 1 July)


Task 1: Clean and Working pgr_bellmanFord for positive edges

Task 2: Create function's signature for allowing negative edge sql query

Task 3: Building graph and applying algorithm with negative edges

  1. Create src & include files for dealing negative edges with pgr_bellmanFord

  2. Function to read negative_edge_sql

Week 8 (2 July - 8 July)

Task 1: Fix Compile and Documentation warnings in pgr_bellmanFord

  • Updated Documentation
  • Fix warnings

Task 2: Experimentation of parallel boost graphs

  • Set up the environment for working with MPI and Parallel boost.
  • Testing on Parallel boost graph library.
  • Added small graph examples for future testing.

Official Coding Period (Final Phase)

Week 9 (9 July - 15 July)


Task 1: More Experimentation on parallel boost graphs

  • Reading graph(.gr file) from boost metis file reader
  • Applying dijkstra's shortest path algorithm.

Task 2: Visualization of Distributed graph

  • Read and tried various boost graph property_map.
  • Added small graph test and the corresponding output.

Week 10 (16 July - 22 July)


Task 1: Implement Basic Code Structure of the dag shortest_path algorithm

  • Src Directory
    • Create CMakeLists.txt & dagShortestPath.c & dagShortestPath_driver.cpp
  • Include/drivers Directory
    • Create dagShortestPath_driver.h
  • Include Directory
    • Create pgr_dagShortestPath.hpp
  • Sql Directory
    • Create CMakeLists.txt, dagShortestPath.sql
  • Modified configurations.conf File

Task 2: Changed function's Signature to consider only directed graph

 pgr_dagShortestPath (edge_sql, start_vid, end_vid)
  RETURNS SET OF (seq, path_seq, node, edge, cost, agg_cost) OR EMPTY SET

Task 3: Working Implementation for dag_shortest_path for One-to-One source-target pair.

Week 11 (23 July - 29 July)


Task 1: All possible function's signature added

 pgr_dagShortestPath (edge_sql, start_vid, end_vid)
 pgr_dagShortestPath (edge_sql, start_vids, end_vid)
 pgr_dagShortestPath (edge_sql, start_vid, end_vids)
 pgr_dagShortestPath (edge_sql, start_vids, end_vids)

  RETURNS SET OF (seq, path_seq, node, edge, cost, agg_cost) OR EMPTY SET
  • Created _dagShortestPath.sql
  • Updated CMakeLists.txtand dagShortestPath.sql

Task 2: Added function's documentation files

  • Created pgr_dagShortestPath.rst and doc-pgr_dagShortestPath.queries.
  • Updated proposed(Experimental) functions

Task 3: Added function's test files

Week 12 (30 July - 06 August)


Task 1: Check and Fix issues related to new functionalities

  • Fix pgr_dagShortestPath test files.

Task 2: Make the code compatible with some changes in develop branch

  • Make this project compiled with C++7.

Task 3: Merged work from all project branches to the develop branch

Task 4: Write a Google presentation about this project


Community Bonding Period (April 23 - May 13 )

Tasks Status
+ Set up my project repository and development environment. Done
+ Set up a wiki page to maintain weekly progress and other information of the project. Done
+ Get in touch with the community, mentors, and introduce my project to them and receive early feedback. Done
+ Getting familiar with source code in depth and all the material that my mentors suggest. Done
+ Develop a better understanding of PostGIS, PostgreSQL and PL/pgsql. Done
+ Understand How non-parallel version of boost’s Dijkstra is implemented on pgRouting. Done
+ Implement pgr_funny_dijkstra, to understand implementation style in pgRouting. Done

Official Coding Period ( May 14 - August 14 )

Phase 1 ( May 14 - June 11)

Time Period Tasks Status
Week 1 → Design Detailed Signature for Bellman-Ford function.
→ Implement the basic code that reads and executes the queries from PostgreSQL.
→ Implement the structure for the output in the PostgreSQL database.
Week 2-3 → Implement pgr_bellmanFord() function for all possible variants. Done
Week 4 → Create pgTap unit tests for pgr_bellmanFord.
→ Prepare report for Phase 1 Submission.

First evaluation period (June 11 to June 15, 2018)

  • Deliver a implementation of the pgr_bellmanFord().
  • Mentors evaluate me and I evaluate mentors for officially coding period phase 1.

Phase 2 (June 11 to July 8 )

Time Period Tasks Status
Week 5 → Work on the feedback as provided after the first evaluation.
→ Complete implementation of Bellman-Ford function.
→ Design the detailed signature for parallel Dijkstra’s algorithm.
Week 6-7 → Setup classes and utility functions for communication among processors.
→ Implement pgr_parallelDijkstra() in pgRouting.
Week 8 → Create unit tests for pgr_parallelDijkstra.
→ Prepare report for Phase 2 Submission.

Second evaluation period ( July 9 to July 13, 2018 )

  • Deliver a working implementation of the Parallel Dijkstra’s algorithm. and its documentation, test, pgTap.
  • Mentors evaluate me and I evaluate the mentors for coding period phase 2.

Phase 3 ( July 9 to August 5 )

Time Period Tasks Status
Week 9 → Work on the feedback as provided after the first evaluation.
→ Finalize the coding part(if remaining) to get the overall working implementations.
Week 10 → Create units & internal tests(adding precondition, postcondition,
class invariant, etc) for the above functions and fix bugs if found.
Week 11 → Prepare final user documentation. Done
Week 12 → Prepare Final Phase submission along with a detailed final phase report.

Final evaluation period ( August 6 to August 14, 2018 )

  • Deliver a working implementation of Parallel Dijkstra’s and Sequential Bellman-Ford Shortest path algorithm with user documentation.
  • Mentors evaluate me and I evaluate the mentors for final coding period phase 3.


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  9. Introduction to ALgorithms, Lecture17 Bellman-Ford, by Srini Devadas MIT Fall 2011

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