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An administration client for PostgreSQL

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PGXplorer is a freely downloadable, ISC licensed administation client for PostgreSQL versions 8.4 and above.

Key features are per-database instances, multithreaded queries, an intuitive UI and an SQL editor/console that supports syntax highlighting and much more.

PGXplorer is built using Qt. Minimum version of Qt required is 5.2.

Additionally, for Windows and Mac, you need to build the Qt postgres drivers yourself. Refer to the Qt documentation for this.

For Linux, Qt postgres drivers are usually available as a convenience package. For example, in Ubuntu, it can be installed through 'apt-get install libqt5sql5-psql' at the console.

Also, you will need libHaru for PDF support. Specifically, the one built from because that has some enhancements used in PGXplorer's code.
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