Loader for IDA Pro to support the Nintendo Switch NRO binaries
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Nintendo Switch Binary loader for IDA Pro 7.0 (NRO, MOD, NSO)

This is a loader for the NRO Nintendo Switch binaries

It's still work in progress but it looks good so far ;)


Copy Switch64.dll to "IDA 7\loaders"


v0.1 Initial release

v0.2 Fixed base address(String refs. work now)

v0.3 Fixed segment offsets

v0.4 Support for dumped MOD0 files

  Dump the sections (RX, R, RW) and merge them into one file to use it in IDA
  Parsing of exported symbols

  Parsing of imported symbols (Not sure if it's right)                 

v0.7 Support for NSO files

Improved parsing of symbols

Small fixes

Support for AArch64 decompiler

v0.8 Fix BSS and EH_Frame

v0.9 Detect broken dynamic entries like found in current homebrew NROs (No symbols!)

 Support parsing of symbols for NRO files

v0.10 Fixed import name recovering

  Clean up

v0.11 Fixed a bug in NRO symbol parsing

  Dumped system NROs should work now

v0.20 Rewrote the whole Symbol parsing based on nxo64.py (thx!)

  ARM 32 support (Titles like Mario Markt should work now)

  KIP file support (No symbols for now)

  Stability improvments

  A lot of code refactoring ...


   Symbol parsing for kip1 files

   More error checking if MOD0 is missing


   Support uncompressed KIP and NSO files (Like the one from hactool)

   Try to detect corrupt BSS entries

   Fixed a bug in NRO file dectection

   Support for Team Xecuter NSO files