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This release adds support for installing translation dictionaries with dictutil install (both with built-in and custom locales), updates the documentation, and improves the conversion for the Webster's 1913 dictionary.

fdc0799 Added support for installing translation dictionaries (closes #10)
53c3fc5 Checked built-in dictionaries against 4.22.15190
5b406d0 docs: Updated dictionary sync patch for 4.22.15190
4e955b7 examples/webster1913-convert: Fixed end license being included as a word
a4519b2 Checked built-in dictionaries against 4.21.15015

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This version changes the Windows builds to 64-bit to support larger dictfiles and reduce virus scanner false positives, clarifies the documentation, adds an option to hide the source footer added by Nickel with certain locales, refactors the internal Marisa bindings, and makes some small improvements to the code.

099f354 all: Fixed releases
6c333b4 all: Switched windows builds to 64-bit
e442434 docs: Added links to pre-built dictionaries to the main header
50aa051 docs: Clarified the current situation with read-only dictionaries (#6)
939235f cmd/dictgen: Added option to prevent the footer from showing on certain locales (fixes #5)
8ef75c2 dictgen: Added PostRawHTML option to DictFileEntry
10e0680 all: Added integration tests for overall dictzip-related functionality
1a820d5 examples/webster1913-convert: Fixed false positives for headwords
dae2dd1 marisa: Fixed reading large tries, added debug env var
5bfa4c5 marisa: Finished with the last bit of cleanup
0239665 all: Make marisa optional for building kobodict
fdc6c66 marisa: Fixed a few subtle errors and simplified the stream shim
018a9ae docs: Updated links
a84722e docs: Added documentation for examples/bgl-convert
f490dfc examples/bgl-convert: Added new tool to convert Babylon BGL dictionaries
1a80ab6 marisa: Cleaned up everything
0b4392a marisa: Cleaned up imports
65ab5e6 all: Added Travis builds for testing on macOS
bbb361d marisa: Added support for directly using io.Reader/io.Writer
3930b08 all: Removed SWIG from AppVeyor builds
338b88a marisa: Fixed tests on non-amd64 architectures
c91db49 marisa: Rewrote wrapper to run completely in-memory and not depend on SWIG
3c56b2e kobodict: Abstracted marisa-trie bindings into an interface
61364e6 all: Checked built-in dictionaries against 4.20.14622
bca4c53 examples/webster1913-convert: Handle synonyms starting after the example of a numbered definition
0b8179b cmd/dictutil: Fixed missing newline in fmt.Printf

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This release improves/fixes many things related to installing/uninstalling dictionaries on 4.20.14601+. See pgaskin/kobopatch-patches#49, #3, and #4 for more information.

ec6e0d7 all: Don't upload converted dictionaries from Drone
6913bda examples/webster1913-convert: Cleaned up leading and trailing whitespace in parsed dictionary
b6f76da cmd/dictutil: Added warning about dictionary label not having an effect on 4.20.14601+
96b86db all: Updated dictionary installation for 4.20.14601

If you haven't already done so, you may also want to read the release notes for v0.1.2.

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This release adds a new dictzip-decompile tool. See the documentation for more information.

In addition, I've increased the maximum line buffer size for dictgen, which fixes compiling some large dictfiles with long lines of generated HTML.

8a0e9ee all: Updated release build script
ccfb5f6 examples/dictzip-decompile: Implemented a tool to convert a dictzip into a dictfile
1e207d6 dictgen: Increased maximum line buffer size

If you haven't already done so, you may also want to read the release notes for v0.1.2.

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This is the first stable version of dictutil. Everything has been tested manually, and dictutil now implements all features supported by Kobo. Dictgen is also complete, and the dictfile format is stable. The documentation here is finished (with the exception of infomation about word matching, which I haven't finished testing).

Dictutil is compatible with firmware versions 4.7.10364+ (December 2017). Images are supported on 4.20.14601+ (February 2020).



  • Full support for all Kobo dictionary features: HTML, images, multiple entries for a word, variants, word prefixes, and Unicode.
  • Completely correct, tested, and documented word prefix calculation.
  • Supports v2 dictionaries (see the docs for more info).
  • All operations are lossless and deterministic.
  • Can install and uninstall custom and built-in dictionaries.
  • Can unpack and pack dictionaries.
  • Can calculate prefixes for one or more words, with multiple output formats.


  • Full support for all features from dictutil.
  • Easy to use dictfile format.
  • Can merge multiple dictionaries.
  • Definitions can be written in Markdown or HTML.
  • Images in multiple formats can be included.


  • Full support for all features from GOTDict, with the exception of cross-references (which aren't supported by nickel).
  • Can optionally include or exclude images.
  • Can directly convert GOTDict without any manual intervention.
  • Output is written to a dictfile (which makes it easy to modify).


  • Parses and converts Project Gutenberg's Webster's 1913 Unabridged Dictionary to a dictfile.
  • Will preserve multiple entries for a word.
  • Will include all variants, tenses, and phrase definitions as variants for easy lookup.
  • Over 113000 unique entries and
  • Will preserve and format examples, etymology, pronunciation information, definition categories, and other features.
  • Can export the parsed dictionary as JSON for further processing.
  • Output is written to a dictfile (which makes it easy to modify).


Binaries for the tools can be downloaded below. See the website for more detailed documentation, examples, and usage information.

Pre-built dictionaries from gotdict-convert and webster1913-convert can be downloaded from here:

API documentation for embedding dictutil as a library can be found on

Note: This release replaces v0.1.0, which had an issue with 32-bit binaries on Windows (see #2) and v0.1.1, which had an issue with file permissions on Windows.

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This release re-enables images, which were fixed in 4.20.14601 (see #1) (thanks @gtalusan!). Also, Go has been updated to 1.14, which brings a small performance increase with dictgen.

Internally, WordPrefix is now simpler and slightly faster. Also, building dictutil doesn't require SWIG to be installed anymore, and marisa won't leak memory when using dictutil as a library.

This will be the last alpha release, and the first stable version (which will be posted on MR too) will be released once I finish the documentation. The first v1.x.x release will be released once more unit tests have been written and the final API is complete. I may also redesign the documentation before then.

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This probably the last alpha release. After I finish the rest of the documentation, I'll release the first v0.x.x stable version and make a post on MR.

I've disabled image support by default due to #1.