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repogen is an easy way to generate a Debian repository.

repogen supports signing, generating a Contents index, overriding the Maintainer field on packages, a web interface, package search, automatically updating the repository, and more.


repogen can be downloaded from the releases page, or installed from the debian repository.

Quick Start

  1. Create a directory named in
  2. Inside that folder, create a folder for each distribution, such as stable or stretch.
  3. Inside each distribution folder, create a folder for each component, such as main or non-free.
  4. Place the deb packages in the component folders.
  5. Export a gpg private key in ascii-armour format (with no passphrase) to private-key.asc
  6. Run repogen --generate-web --generate-contents ./private-key.asc ./in ./out
  7. Run a web server of your choice with the out directory as the root. You will now be able to use this as your repository.

Note: for repositories with >50 packages, it is recommended to install nodejs on the server so the packages are not indexed client-side.




  -d, --description string           sets the description field used in the Release file (default "Generated by repogen")
  -c, --generate-contents            generates the Contents index (makes repogen slower to load)
  -b, --generate-web                 generate a web interface for browsing the packages
  -h, --help                         show this help text
  -m, --maintainer-override string   overrides the maintainer of all packages (format: First Last <>)
  -o, --origin string                sets the origin field used in the Release file (this field is used as a user-friendly way to identify the repository) (default "repogen")
  -l, --symlink                      Symlink packages instead of copying them
      --version                      show the version
  -w, --watch                        watch the input directory for new packages
  -i, --watch-interval duration      the interval to check for new packages (if watch is enabled) (default 1s)

  PRIVATE_KEY_FILE is the path to a ascii-armoured gpg private key with no passphrase. It is used to sign the repository.
  INPUT_DIR is the path to the directory containing the deb packages. It should be in the following layout (and must not contain any unrelated files): INPUT_DIR/dist/component/*.deb
  OUTPUT_DIR is the path to place the generated repository in. It must not exist.


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