@dwsteele dwsteele released this Nov 22, 2017 · 385 commits to master since this release

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause copying large manifests to fail during restore. (Reported by Craig A. James.)
  • Fixed incorrect WAL offset for 32-bit architectures. (Fixed by Javier Wilson.)
  • Fixed an issue retrieving WAL for old database versions. After a stanza-upgrade it should still be possible to restore backups from the previous version and perform recovery with archive-get. However, archive-get only checked the most recent db version/id and failed. Also clean up some issues when the same db version/id appears multiple times in the history. (Fixed by Cynthia Shang. Reported by Clinton Adams.)
  • Fixed an issue with invalid backup groups being set correctly on restore. If the backup cannot map a group to a name it stores the group in the manifest as false then uses either the owner of $PGDATA to set the group during restore or failing that the group of the current user. This logic was not working correctly because the selected group was overwriting the user on restore leaving the group undefined and the user incorrectly set to the group. (Reported by Jeff McCormick.)
  • Fixed an issue passing parameters to remotes. When more than one db was specified the path, port, and socket path would for db1 were passed no matter which db was actually being addressed. (Reported by Uspen.)


  • Repository encryption support. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang, David Steele.)