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@dwsteele dwsteele released this Jul 6, 2018

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release fixes a critical bug in the backup resume feature. All resumed backups prior to this release should be considered inconsistent. A backup will be resumed after a prior backup fails, unless resume=n has been specified. A resumed backup can be identified by checking the backup log for the message "aborted backup of same type exists, will be cleaned to remove invalid files and resumed". If the message exists, do not use this backup or any backup in the same set for a restore and check the restore logs to see if a resumed backup was restored. If so, there may be inconsistent data in the cluster.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix critical bug in resume that resulted in inconsistent backups. A regression in v0.82 removed the timestamp comparison when deciding which files from the aborted backup to keep on resume. See note above for more details. (Reported by David Youatt, Yogesh Sharma, Stephen Frost.)
  • Fix non-compliant ISO-8601 timestamp format in S3 authorization headers. AWS and some gateways were tolerant of space rather than zero-padded hours while others were not. (Fixed by Andrew Schwartz.)
  • Fix directory syncs running recursively when only the specified directory should be synced. (Reported by Craig A. James.)
  • Fix --target-action and --recovery-option options being reported as invalid when restoring with --type=immediate. (Reported by Brad Nicholson.)
  • Fix archive-copy throwing "path not found" error for incr/diff backups. (Reported by yummyliu, Vitaliy Kukharik.)
  • Fix failure in manifest build when two or more files in PGDATA are linked to the same directory. (Reported by Vitaliy Kukharik.)
  • Fix delta restore failing when a linked file was missing.
  • Fix error in selective restore when only one user database exists in the cluster. (Fixed by Cynthia Shang. Reported by Nj Baliyan.)


  • Improve the HTTP client to set content-length to 0 when not specified by the server. S3 (and gateways) always set content-length or transfer-encoding but HTTP 1.1 does not require it and proxies (e.g. HAProxy) may not include either. (Suggested by Adam K. Sumner.)
  • Improve performance of HTTPS client. Buffering now takes the pending bytes on the socket into account (when present) rather than relying entirely on select(). In some instances the final bytes would not be flushed until the connection was closed.
  • Improve S3 delete performance. The constant S3_BATCH_MAX had been replaced with a hard-coded value of 2, probably during testing.
  • Make backup/restore path sync more efficient. Scanning the entire directory can be very expensive if there are a lot of small tables. The backup manifest contains the path list so use it to perform syncs instead of scanning the backup/restore path. Remove recursive path sync functionality since it is no longer used.
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