Assets 2

Bug Fixes:

  • Remove request for S3 object info directly after putting it. (Reported by Matt Kunkel.)
  • Correct archive-get-queue-max to be size type. (Reported by Ronan Dunklau.)
  • Add error message when current user uid/gid does not map to a name. (Reported by Camilo Aguilar.)
  • Error when --target-action=shutdown specified for PostgreSQL < 9.5.


  • Set TCP keepalives on S3 connections. (Suggested by Ronan Dunklau.)
  • Reorder info command text output so most recent backup is output last. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang. Suggested by Ryan Lambert.)
  • Change file ownership only when required.
  • Redact authentication header when throwing S3 errors. (Suggested by Brad Nicholson.)