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Bug Fixes:

  • Fix possible truncated WAL segments when an error occurs mid-write. (Reported by blogh.)
  • Fix info command missing WAL min/max when stanza specified. (Fixed by Stefan Fercot.)
  • Fix non-compliant JSON for options passed from C to Perl. (Reported by Leo Khomenko.)


  • The archive-get command is implemented entirely in C.
  • Enable socket keep-alive on older Perl versions. (Contributed by Marc Cousin.)
  • Error when parameters are passed to a command that does not accept parameters. (Suggested by Jason O'Donnell.)
  • Add hints when unable to find a WAL segment in the archive. (Suggested by Hans-Jürgen Schönig.)
  • Improve error when hostname cannot be found in a certificate. (Suggested by James Badger.)
  • Add additional options to backup.manifest for debugging purposes. (Contributed by blogh.)

Documentation Improvements:

  • Update default documentation version to PostgreSQL 10.
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