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Bug Fixes:

  • Fix archive retention expiring too aggressively. (Fixed by Cynthia Shang. Reported by Mohamad El-Rifai.)


  • The expire command is implemented entirely in C. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang.)
  • The local command for restore is implemented entirely in C.
  • Remove hard-coded PostgreSQL user so $PGUSER works. (Suggested by Julian Zhang, Janis Puris.)
  • Honor configure --prefix option. (Suggested by Daniel Westermann.)
  • Rename repo-s3-verify-ssl option to repo-s3-verify-tls. The new name is preferred because pgBackRest does not support any SSL protocol versions (they are all considered to be insecure). The old name will continue to be accepted.

Documentation Improvements:

  • Add FAQ to the documentation. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang.)
  • Use wal_level=replica in the documentation for PostgreSQL ≥ 9.6. (Suggested by Patrick McLaughlin.)
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