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  • PostgreSQL 12 support.
  • Add info command set option for detailed text output. The additional details include databases that can be used for selective restore and a list of tablespaces and symlinks with their default destinations. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang. Suggested by Stephen Frost, ejberdecia.)
  • Add standby restore type. This restore type automatically adds standby_mode=on to recovery.conf for PostgreSQL < 12 and creates standby.signal for PostgreSQL ≥ 12, creating a common interface between PostgreSQL versions. (Reviewed by Cynthia Shang.)


  • The restore command is implemented entirely in C. (Reviewed by Cynthia Shang.)

Documentation Improvements:

  • Document the relationship between db-timeout and protocol-timeout. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang. Suggested by James Chanco Jr.)
  • Add documentation clarifications regarding standby repositories. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang.)
  • Add FAQ for time-based Point-in-Time Recovery. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang.)
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