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Bug Fixes:

  • Fix remote timeout in delta restore. When performing a delta restore on a largely unchanged cluster the remote could timeout if no files were fetched from the repository within protocol-timeout. Add keep-alives to prevent remote timeout. (Reported by James Sewell, Jens Wilke.)
  • Fix handling of repeated HTTP headers. When HTTP headers are repeated they should be considered equivalent to a single comma-separated header rather than generating an error, which was the prior behavior. (Reported by donicrosby.)


  • JSON output from the info command is no longer pretty-printed. Monitoring systems can more easily ingest the JSON without linefeeds. External tools such as jq can be used to pretty-print if desired. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang.)
  • The check command is implemented entirely in C. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang.)

Documentation Improvements:

  • Document how to contribute to pgBackRest. (Contributed by Cynthia Shang.)
  • Document maximum version for auto-stop option. (Contributed by Brad Nicholson.)

Test Suite Improvements:

  • Fix container test path being used when --vm=none. (Suggested by Stephen Frost.)
  • Fix mismatched timezone in expect test. (Suggested by Stephen Frost.)
  • Don't autogenerate embedded libc code by default. (Suggested by Stephen Frost.)
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