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@dwsteele dwsteele released this Dec 12, 2019

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix archive-push/archive-get when PGDATA is symlinked. These commands tried to use cwd() as PGDATA but this would disagree with the path configured in pgBackRest if PGDATA was symlinked. If cwd() does not match the pgBackRest path then chdir() to the path and make sure the next cwd() matches the result from the first call. (Reported by Stephen Frost, Milosz Suchy.)
  • Fix reference list when is reconstructed in expire command. Since the backup command is still using the Perl version of reconstruct this issue will not express unless 1) there is a backup missing from and 2) the expire command is run directly instead of running after backup as usual. This unlikely combination of events means this is probably not a problem in the field.
  • Fix segfault on unexpected EOF in gzip decompression. (Reported by Stephen Frost.)
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