Can't build pgbouncer 1.7 using --without-openssl #101

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adhameed commented Jan 8, 2016

Calling configure --without-openssl means USE_TLS is not defined in sbus.c.

  • handle_tls_handshake is declared outside USE_TLS ifdef.
  • handle_tls_handshake is defined inside a USE_TLS ifdef.

See make output below:

root@lab1:~/pgbouncer-1.7# make
     CC       src/admin.c
     CC       src/client.c
     CC       src/dnslookup.c
     CC       src/hba.c
     CC       src/janitor.c
     CC       src/loader.c
     CC       src/main.c
     CC       src/objects.c
     CC       src/pktbuf.c
     CC       src/pooler.c
     CC       src/proto.c
     CC       src/sbuf.c
src/sbuf.c:79: warning: 'handle_tls_handshake' used but never defined
     CC       src/server.c
     CC       src/stats.c
     CC       src/system.c
     CC       src/takeover.c
     CC       src/util.c
     CC       src/varcache.c
     CC       lib/usual/aatree.c
     CC       lib/usual/base.c
     CC       lib/usual/cbtree.c
     CC       lib/usual/cfparser.c
     CC       lib/usual/crypto/csrandom.c
     CC       lib/usual/crypto/md5.c
     CC       lib/usual/cxextra.c
     CC       lib/usual/err.c
     CC       lib/usual/event.c
     CC       lib/usual/fileutil.c
     CC       lib/usual/getopt.c
     CC       lib/usual/hashing/lookup3.c
     CC       lib/usual/list.c
     CC       lib/usual/logging.c
     CC       lib/usual/mbuf.c
     CC       lib/usual/netdb.c
     CC       lib/usual/pgutil.c
     CC       lib/usual/regex.c
     CC       lib/usual/safeio.c
     CC       lib/usual/signal.c
     CC       lib/usual/slab.c
     CC       lib/usual/socket.c
     CC       lib/usual/socket_pton.c
     CC       lib/usual/socket_ntop.c
     CC       lib/usual/string.c
     CC       lib/usual/strpool.c
     CC       lib/usual/time.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_server.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_util.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_client.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_peer.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_cert.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_ocsp.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_conninfo.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_config.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_compat.c
     CC       lib/usual/tls/tls_verify.c
     CC       lib/usual/crypto/chacha.c
     CC       lib/usual/crypto/digest.c
     CC       lib/usual/crypto/entropy.c
     CC       lib/usual/crypto/keccak_prng.c
     CC       lib/usual/cxalloc.c
     CC       lib/usual/heap.c
     CC       lib/usual/mempool.c
     CC       lib/usual/crypto/keccak.c
     CCLD     pgbouncer
.objs/pgbouncer/src/sbuf.o: In function `sbuf_main_loop':
/home/root/pgbouncer-1.7/src/sbuf.c:772: undefined reference to `handle_tls_handshake'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [pgbouncer] Error 1

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