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PgBouncer 1.15.0

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@petere petere released this 19 Nov 13:31
· 151 commits to master since this release

2020-11-19 - PgBouncer 1.15.0 - "Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin"

  • Features

    • Improve authentication failure reporting. The authentication failure messages sent to the client now only state that authentication failed but give no further details. Details are available in the PgBouncer log. Also, if the requested user does not exist, the authentication is still processed to the end and will result in the same generic failure message. All this prevents clients from probing the PgBouncer instance for user names and other authentication-related insights. This is similar to how PostgreSQL behaves.
    • Don't log anything if client disconnects immediately. This avoids log spam when monitoring systems just open a TCP/IP connection but don't send anything before disconnecting.
    • Use systemd journal for logging when in use. When we detect that stderr is going to the systemd journal, we use systemd native functions for log output. This avoids printing duplicate timestamp and pid, thus making the log a bit cleaner. Also, this adds metadata such as the severity to the logs, so that if the journal gets sent on to syslog, the messages have useful metadata attached.
    • A subset of the test suite can now be run under Windows.
    • SHOW CONFIG now also shows the default values of the settings.
  • Fixes

    • Fix the so_reuseport option on FreeBSD. The original code in PgBouncer 1.12.0 didn't actually work on FreeBSD. (#504)
    • Repair compilation on systems with older systemd versions. This was broken in 1.14.0. (#505)
    • The makefile target to build Windows binary zip packages has been repaired.
    • Long command-line options now also work on Windows.
    • Fix the behavior of the global auth_user setting. The old behavior was confusing and fragile as it depended on the order in the configuration file. This is no longer the case. (#391,#393)
  • Cleanups

    • Improve test stability and portability.
    • Modernize Autoconf-related code.
    • Disable deprecation compiler warnings from OpenSSL 3.0.0.

For this release, we are also publishing pre-built Windows binaries on GitHub. These should be considered experimental right now. We
welcome feedback on this.