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Starting in Summer 2013, Chris has been adding support for custom HTML rendering modules in Online Python Tutor. His first two modules were:

Chris Meyers short bio (Sep 2013)

I have been a software engineer for most of my working life, primarily in the newspaper industry. I've recently retired and now live in both Eugene Oregon and Bremen Germany.

I received a BA in Physics from the University of Oregon and later a Masters degree in Computer Science.

I've been using Python since 1995 and it has been by far my favorite programming language since then. At the newspaper where I worked (The Register Guard) we used it whenever we could, and especially with tools such as Django.

I have been part of the open source community. I was a co-author for the book "How to Think like a Computer Scientist (Python)" along with Allen Downey and Jeff Elkner in 2002. I also have a web page Python for Fun aimed at intermediate programmers and students.

This latest project with Philip has been fun and challenging. Online Python Tutor has been a great success in helping people visualize code running and we hope this addition will help with the visualization of whole algorithms running as well.