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R. Saravanan from Texas A&M has integrated Online Python Tutor with his GraphTerm project!

Here is a brief message from him on how to set it up:

I teach python to undergrads and my students have enjoyed using PythonTutor to trace programs. I have modified PythonTutor slightly to work within GraphTerm, which is a graphical terminal for unix computers (written in python, of course!). So if you use the command line, you can now trace your programs visually within the terminal.

To install it and run it, use the following three commands on a Mac or Linux system:

sudo easy_install graphterm
sudo gterm_setup              # To setup the toolchain
gtermserver --terminal

This will run the GraphTerm server and open up a browser terminal window. In that window, you can cd to the directory containing the program you want to trace (say, and then type:

gtutor | gframe -f

The first command outputs the HTML created by PythonTutor and the second command renders it within the terminal (in an iframe). Click on the X on the top right to end tracing. You can find more information in the GraphTerm project page

You can see a live demo of Inline PythonTutor in this older YouTube video (about 1:20 after the start)