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+# Embedding Online Python Tutor visualizations
+This document is a starting point for anyone who wants to embed
+Online Python Tutor (OPT) visualizations in their webpage. View it online at:
+Look at the Git history to see when this document was last updated; the more time
+elapsed since that date, the more likely things are out-of-date.
+I'm assuming that you're competent in Python, JavaScript, command-line-fu, and Google-fu,
+so I won't do much hand-holding in these directions.
+This guide isn't meant to be comprehensive; you will undoubtedly still
+be confused about details after reading it, so feel free to email if you have questions.
+And please excuse the sloppy writing; I'm not trying to win any style awards here :)
@@ -1,6 +1,4 @@
-Instructions for embedding Online Python Tutor visualizations
+This document has been moved to
-[Full documentation coming soon! For now, please email]
-[TODO: move to GitHub Markdown format]
+View it online at:
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@
<h1><span id="embedHeading">EMBED</span> <span class="smallH1">visualizations in digital textbooks</span></h1>
<p>Using a single line of JavaScript code, you can <a
-href="docs/embedding-HOWTO.txt">embed</a> an Online Python Tutor
+href="">embed</a> an Online Python Tutor
visualization within your web page (as shown in the &ldquo;Learn&rdquo;
box above). The screenshot below shows a few of these visualizations
embedded within the online textbook for the introductory CS course at UC

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