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PGCLI is a PrettyGoodCommandLIne interface for component control and management.


pgc command [component] [options]

Informational Commands

  help      - Display help file
  info      - Display OS or component information
  status    - Display status of installed server components
  list      - Display available/installed components 

Service Control Commands

  start     - Start server components
  stop      - Stop server components
  reload    - Reload server configuration files (without a restart)
  restart   - Stop & then start server components
  enable    - Enable a component
  disable   - Disable a server server component from starting automatically
  config    - Configure a component
  init      - Initialize a component

Software Install & Update Commands

  update    - Retrieve new lists of components
  upgrade   - Perform an upgrade of a component
  install   - Install (or re-install) a component  
  remove    - Un-install component   
  download  - Download a component archive file (but don't install it)
  clean     - Delete downloaded component files

Advanced Internal Commands

  top        - Cross platform version of the "top" command 
  get        - Retrieve a setting
  set        - Populate a setting
  unset      - Remove a setting 
  discover   - Gather info on installed PGDG instances
  repolist   - List PGDG repositories
  repo-pkgs  - Work with packages in a PGDG repository