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PostgreSQL extension for storing time and author of database structure modification.


  • PostgreSQL 9.3+

PostgreSQL install

sudo make install

Database install

PostgreSQL has a bug that does not allow event trigger activation in extensions. In this regard, when we create the extension, we disable it. For correct operation of the extension after its installation, you must manually enable the event trigger.

Full installation code:

CREATE EXTENSION pg_dbo_timestamp [SCHEMA schema_name];
ALTER EVENT TRIGGER dbots_tg_on_ddl_event ENABLE;

Usage privileges

Users of the extension (i.e. pgCodeKeeper users) must have sufficient privileges to read from dbots_object_timestamps view.

GRANT SELECT ON [schema_name.]dbots_object_timestamps TO user_name;

Database users executing DDL statements must have sufficient privileges to read from and write to dbots_event_data table. Otherwise no DDL events will be recorded and object timestamps will become stale, potentially breaking client functionality.

GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON [schema_name.]dbots_event_data TO user_name;

These objects reside in the extension's installation schema, so sufficient privileges to access that schema are also required.

GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA schema_name TO user_name;

Known issues

PostgreSQL does not provide full event trigger data for GRANT change events thus we don't track object privileges changes. Instead, we select current ACLs for each object, returned by dbots_object_timestamps view.

Updating extension

Updating the version of extension installed in a database is done using ALTER EXTENSION.

ALTER EXTENSION pg_dbo_timestamp UPDATE [ TO '0.1.1'];

The target version needs to be installed on the system first (see Install section).

If the "TO 'x.y.z'" part is omitted, the extension will be updated to the latest installed version.

Updates are performed by PostgreSQL by loading one or more migration scripts as needed to go from the installed version S to the target version T. All migration scripts are in the "extension" directory of PostgreSQL:

ls `pg_config --sharedir`/extension/pg_dbo_timestamp*


PostgreSQL extension that gathers object DDL modification timestamps and other information



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