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Gibbon Export is a simple API wrapper for interacting with MailChimp Export API version 1.0. all credit goes to

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Gibbon Export

Gibbon Exportis a simple API wrapper for interacting with MailChimp API) 1.0.


This gem should properly be some kind of fix or new method to the original gem, I just don't have time for it :/


gem "gibbon_export", :git => "git://"


A MailChimp account and API key. You can see your API keys here.


Create an instance of the API wrapper:

gb =, list_id)

There is only ONE method, its a list method to retrive all mails from a list. Get the list ids with the Gibbon gem and do, list_id) to retrieve a list.

Check the API documentation for details.

Differences from Gibbon

This gem does not use a timeout options because its can be big lists and you don't want it to timeout in the middle of downloading a list.


If you want an even more awesome gem for mailchimp. Use Gibbon the original gem, this gem is based entirely on Gibbon so all credit goes to the author and contributors of the original gem!


  • Copyright (c) 2010 Amro Mousa. See LICENSE.txt for details.
  • MailChimp (c) 2001-2010 The Rocket Science Group.
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