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                             LMMS Plugins for LV2

This is the beginning of a port of LMMS plugins to LV2.

NOTE: The output of the plugins is VERY LOUD and WILL DISTORT.
This is known to be an issue in LMMS, and is generally resolved by lowering the
volume on the LMMS mixer.  You should run the output through an JACK amplifier
before hitting the soundcard.  I'm currently using JACK Rack with "Simple
amplifier" (

To use the Triple Oscillator plugin, use your favorite LV2 host with MIDI
support. Or, just use the command below:

Key [W]=Working on, [C]=Complete, [X]=Not planned


[ ] AudioFileProcessor - playing audio files.
        Would be nice to coordinate efforts with LV2 team, regarding host-side sample loading.
[ ] BitInvader - 'simple and dirty' wavetable synthesis.
        Should be easy enough, might require "Atom" extension for the scribble data
[ ] Kicker - drum synthesis.
[W] LB302 - a monophonic implementation of the TB303 sound.
        Simplified due to monophonic nature and because I'm familiar with code-base
[ ] Mallets - a struck-instrument synthesizer
        Is this necessary due to CMT on LV2?
[ ] Organic - an additive organ synthesizer.
        I'm not a huge fan of this one, so low priority
[ ] FreeBoy - an emulator of the sound chip of the Nintendo Game Boy.
        Will require BitInvader's "Graph" widget and data-passing.
[ ] PatMan - a GUS-compatible patch instrument.
        Never used it...
[X] SF2 Player - the official SoundFont2 player.
        Not neccessary with FluidSynth LV2 plugin
[ ] SID - an emulator of the sound chips used by the C64.
        A fun one, but not huge priority of mine
[X] Singerbot - a 'singing' sound synthesizer.
        Unmaintained, might try it once LMMS restores this one
[W] TripleOscillator - the 'standard' subtractive synthesis module.
        Priority #2 behind LB303.  Will require writing the initial oscillator code
        and voice-managing code.  And the original oscillator code is less than ideal
        for a C port.
[X] VeSTige - VSTi-hosting plugin
        Not required with current work on FST
[ ] Vibed - powerful vibrating-string synthesis module.
        Requires BitInvader's graph
[X] ZynAddSubFX - A powerful hybrid synthesizer 
        There is already zyn for LV2, right?


[ ] Bass Booster - Maximizes bass sound

[X] Peak Controller - Control other parameters with the input peak levels
        This is tied too closely to LMMS's mixer to be useful here.
        A rewrite is necessary (and more trivial to be honest)

[ ] Spectrum Analyzer - Visualize audio response
        There are other Visualizers in the JACK/LV2 world. Lowest priority.

[ ] Stereo Enhancer - Simulate a wider stereo separation

[ ] Stereophonic Matrix - Mix stereo input and output in a completely flexible way
        Might not be too useful outside of LMMS.  Originally designed to
        work-around some limitation in the mixer.


Port of LMMS plugins to LV2



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