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# Run '' program to start processes to execute computations sent
# by this client, along with this program.
# Distributed computing example where this client sends computation ('compute'
# function)to remote dispycos servers to run as remote tasks and obtain
# results. At any time at most one computation task is scheduled at a process,
# as the computation is supposed to be CPU heavy (although in this example they
# are not).
import pycos
import pycos.netpycos
from pycos.dispycos import *
# this generator function is sent to remote dispycos servers to run tasks there
def compute(i, n, task=None):
import time
yield task.sleep(n)
raise StopIteration((i, task.location, time.asctime())) # result of 'compute' is current time
# client (local) task submits computations
def client_proc(computation, njobs, task=None):
# schedule computation with the scheduler; scheduler accepts one computation
# at a time, so if scheduler is shared, the computation is queued until it
# is done with already scheduled computations
if (yield computation.schedule()):
raise Exception('Could not schedule computation')
# arguments must correspond to arguments for computaiton; multiple arguments
# (as in this case) can be given as tuples
args = [(i, random.uniform(2, 5)) for i in range(njobs)]
results = yield computation.run_results(compute, args)
# Tasks may not be executed in the order of given list of args, but
# results would be in the same order of given list of args
for result in results:
print(' result for %d from %s: %s' % result)
# wait for all jobs to be done and close computation
yield computation.close()
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys, random
# PyPI / pip packaging adjusts assertion below for Python 3.7+
if sys.version_info.major == 3:
assert sys.version_info.minor < 7, \
('"%s" is not suitable for Python version %s.%s; use file installed by pip instead' %
(__file__, sys.version_info.major, sys.version_info.minor))
# if scheduler is not already running (on a node as a program), start
# private scheduler:
# package computation fragments
computation = Computation([compute])
# run 10 (or given number of) jobs
pycos.Task(client_proc, computation, 10 if len(sys.argv) < 2 else int(sys.argv[1]))
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