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# Run '' program to start processes to execute computations sent
# by this client, along with this program.
# This example uses status messages and message passing to run 'setup' task at
# remote process to prepare it for processing jobs.
import pycos
import pycos.netpycos
from pycos.dispycos import *
# Unlike in earlier versions of pycos, computations can now take time - even if
# computations don't "yield" to scheduler, pycos can still send/receive
# messages, respond to timer events in scheduler etc. In this case, computation
# is simulated with 'time.sleep' which blocks user pycos thread, but another
# (reactive) asytask thread processes network traffic, run scheduler tasks.
def compute_task(task=None):
import time
client = yield task.receive() # first message is client task
result = 0
while True:
n = yield task.receive()
if n is None: # end of requests
# long-running computation (without 'yield') is simulated with
# 'time.sleep'; during this time client may send messages to this task
# (which will be received and put in this task's message queue) or this
# task can send messages to client
result += n
# client (local) task runs computations
def client_proc(computation, njobs, task=None):
# schedule computation with the scheduler; scheduler accepts one computation
# at a time, so if scheduler is shared, the computation is queued until it
# is done with already scheduled computations
if (yield computation.schedule()):
raise Exception('Could not schedule computation')
# send 5 requests to remote process (compute_task)
def send_requests(rtask, task=None):
# first send this local task (to whom rtask sends result)
for i in range(5):
# even if recipient doesn't use "yield" (such as executing long-run
# computation, or thread-blocking function such as 'time.sleep' as
# in this case), the message is accepted by another scheduler
# (netpycos.Pycos) at the receiver and put in recipient's message
# queue
rtask.send(random.uniform(10, 20))
# assume delay in input availability
yield task.sleep(random.uniform(2, 5))
# end of input is indicated with None
result = yield task.receive() # get result
print(' %s computed result: %.4f' % (rtask.location, result))
for i in range(njobs):
rtask = yield
if isinstance(rtask, pycos.Task):
print(' job %d processed by %s' % (i, rtask.location))
pycos.Task(send_requests, rtask)
yield computation.close()
if __name__ == '__main__':
import random, sys
# pycos.logger.setLevel(pycos.Logger.DEBUG)
# if scheduler is not already running (on a node as a program), start
# private scheduler:
# package computation fragments
computation = Computation([compute_task])
# run n jobs
pycos.Task(client_proc, computation, 10 if len(sys.argv) < 2 else int(sys.argv[1]))
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