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@@ -99,11 +99,6 @@ path, one must specify it by the name of the file.
Upon the successful loading, some sysctl(3) variables should be created
under the MIB `kern.mirage`.
- kern.mirage.debug
-Set the verbosity of debug information provided by the module. It is
-`3` (the highest) by default -- set to `0` if no information is needed.
Set parameters for the run-time system. It is a string value that may take
@@ -121,6 +116,26 @@ module first instead.
# sysctl
+Tracing with DTrace
+There are some Statically Defined Tracing (SDT) probes added to the sources
+for tracing, profiling and debugging purposes. The currently active probes
+can be listed by the following command.
+ # dtrace -l -P mirage
+Some D scripts can be found under the `dtrace` directory in the
+`mirage-platform` package.
+*Note: In order to make this work, upgrading to a recent FreeBSD -CURRENT is
+strongly recommended. The probes are added to a kernel module, which may
+only work with base system revisions after r233552. It is also required to
+load the `dtraceall` kernel module and have the `KDTRACE_HOOKS` enabled
+for the system. (Note that this is already enabled in the aforementioned
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