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fix: recover cs, de, fr, it translations

These four translations were clobbered in commit 86c0db2 when the
contributor apparently opened these iso-8859-1 and -2 files in a
utf-8 editor to make three small changes, the editor changed all
the non-ascii characters to REPLACEMENT CHARACTER everywhere, and
the files were saved and committed that way. This change just reverts
86c0db2, leaving the three small spelling changes to be reapplied.
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jcflack committed Oct 25, 2015
1 parent 004e43b commit 17934540232d4d538d3b312b8d50026afeb5282e
Showing with 638 additions and 638 deletions.
  1. +131 −131 org/postgresql/translation/cs.po
  2. +138 −138 org/postgresql/translation/de.po
  3. +199 −199 org/postgresql/translation/fr.po
  4. +170 −170 org/postgresql/translation/it.po

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