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doc: add note on how to skip tests when building from source

closes #460
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vlsi committed Dec 21, 2015
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@@ -98,7 +98,13 @@ Note: all the source code is stored in `pgjdbc.git` repository, so just `pgjdbc.
After checking out the code you can compile and test the PgJDBC driver by running the following
on a command line:

mvn clean package
mvn package

Note: if you want to skip test execution, issue `mvn package -DskipTests`.

Note: in certain cases, proper build requires cleaning the results of previous one.
For instance, if you remove a `.java` file, then clean is required to remove the relevant `.class` file.
In such cases, use `mvn clean` or `mvn clean package`.

PgJDBC doesn't natively support compilation from IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans or
IntelliJ. However you can use the tools Maven support from within the IDE if you wish.

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