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Please submit build instructions for your preferred IDE.

## <a name="tests"></a> Coding Guidelines

### Java

Use 4 spaces for indenting.
Always put braces, even for single-line `if`.
Always put `default:` case for `switch` statement.

### Test

General rule: failing test should look like a good bug report. Thus `` is bad.

* Consider using "single assertion" per test method. Having separate test methods helps manual execution of the tests,
and it makes test report cleaner

* Consider using `assertEquals(String message, expected, actual)` instead of `assertTrue(expected == actual)`.
The former allows you to provide human readable message and it integrates well with IDEs (i.e. it allows to open diff
of expected and actual).

If using just `assertTrue(expected == actual)` all you get is a stacktrace and if such a test fails a developer
has to reverse engineer the intention behind that code.

## <a name="commit"></a> Git Commit Guidelines

We have very precise rules over how our git commit messages can be formatted. This leads to **more

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