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docs: make pgjdbc's javadocs to inherit base Java documentation

By default, the step of "unzipping jdk/" is skipped to speedup Travis CI,
however it was not properly activated in
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vlsi committed Jan 17, 2018
1 parent 17cc5d2 commit eb406dcbee469a8724723f008f7dc5a515457cbe
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@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ git push$TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG$JRE.git :$RELEASE_TAG || true

# -Darguments here is for maven-release-plugin
mvn -B --settings settings.xml -Darguments="--settings '${MVN_SETTINGS}'" -Dskip.unzip-jdk-src=false release:prepare release:perform
mvn -B --settings settings.xml -Darguments="--settings '${MVN_SETTINGS}' -Dskip.unzip-jdk-src=false" -Dskip.unzip-jdk-src=false release:prepare release:perform

# Point "master" branch to "next development snapshot commit"

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