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docs: update in head to reflect 94 (#1528) (#1536)
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mshajarrazip authored and davecramer committed Jul 31, 2019
1 parent fcbbc3e commit fc8efc9a98e86059701e8674017947c0b702cab1
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@@ -16,4 +16,12 @@ The following must be considered when using the `ResultSet` interface:
* You must close a `ResultSet` by calling `close()` once you have finished using
* Once you make another query with the `Statement` used to create a `ResultSet`,
the currently open `ResultSet` instance is closed automatically.
the currently open `ResultSet` instance is closed automatically.
* When PreparedStatement API is used, `ResultSet` switches to binary mode after
five query executions (this default is set by the `prepareThreshold`
connection property, see [Server Prepared Statements](
This may cause unexpected behavior when some methods are called. For example,
results on method calls such as `getString()` on non-string data types,
while logically equivalent, may be formatted differently after execution exceeds
the set `prepareThreshold` when conversion to object method switches to one
matching the return mode.

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