Streaming media with nginx
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Nginx Streaming examples

Examples of MPEG-DASH streaming using nginx.

  • Prepared Mpeg-dash streaming, "vanilla" nginx, dash.js
  • Live Mpeg-dash streaming, nginx + nginx-rtmp-module, dash.js, sources: webcam, video stream


Note: docker, ffmpeg and gpac need to be installed

To start off, run ./ This will download a test video, transcode it to various resolutions and prepare it's mpeg-dash manifest.

Then you can kick things off by running docker compose up --build


Streaming a prepared MPEG-DASH video:

You can stream the video from http://localhost:3110/video/bbb

Streaming a live video

Run ./

Visit http://localhost:3110/video/live

Streaming from webcam (macos)

You need a mac and a webcam for this. Run ./ Allow webcam access.

Visit http://localhost:3110/video/webcam