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Cvapp for

This is a version of Cvapp, originally developed by Robert Cannon, which has been customised as a 3D viewer for SWC files for http://NeuroMorpho.Org with updated export functionality for NEURON, GENESIS & NeuroML versions 1 & 2.

Cvapp Screenshot

This application is available to use (through Java Webstart) on Browse to the page for a single cell and press 3D Neuron Viewer.

This application can also be run standalone for visualising/exporting cells in SWC format. Get a clone of the code from GitHub with:

git clone git://

To view an example cell, build the code and run against one of the sample SWC cells in the examples folder:

./ examples/dCH-cobalt.CNG.swc

or on Windows:

run.bat examples\dCH-cobalt.CNG.swc

Contact and for more details.

Other SWC related links

SWC format documentation

See An on-line archive of reconstructed hippocampal neurons, Cannon et al. 1998. See also "What is SWC format?" at

Using SWC viewer on NeuroMorpho.Org

A short tutorial on using the SWC viewer on NeuroMorpho.Org and exporting to NeuroML can be found here.

SWC to NeuroML using neuroConstruct

SWC can also be loaded in to neuroConstruct, visualized, edited, passive electrical properties and ion channel conductance densities added and the cell files exported to NeuroML 1 & 2.

NeuroML to SWC

A script for conversion of NeuroML 2 cells to SWC can be found here:

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Version of Cvapp as used on Based on Robert Cannon's initial implementation.



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