A Mozilla Firefox add-on for analyzing IBM DataPower latency log entries.
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DataPower Latency Log Entry Analyzer

Note: To download/install the add-on please check the pages site.

This Firefox add-on interprets an IBM DataPower appliance latency log entry based on the interpretation explained in Herman's BLOG entry. The add-on provides a context menu item that is enabled for latency log entries in the DataPower Web UI log viewer. Simply right click the entry and select Analyze Latency Record. This creates a new window with information about the latency record. Repeating the process for other records will use the same window.

Branch 1.1 added the latency panel - a summary of the latency records on a given page. A widget was added to activate it. Mozilla removed the ui/Widget from the Addon SDK at around Firefox 38. That's why it stopped working. This version replaces the widge with the ActionButton.

Screenshots of all this can be found on the pages site.

This is all just an automation of the copy-n-paste needed for the Show Latency Page with an extra pinch of event handling to receive the latency messages from the add-on. If the add-on does not work well for you, you can always use the Show Latency Page via copy-n-paste.