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I'm a happy and frequent user of the hosted version of this tool.

I have an idea, and I hope it's ok to simply write it here. It would be great to have the opportunity to create pwpush URLs with Afred. I imagine it like:

Launch alfred > type in "pwp mypassword" > A site for this password opens (some default settings), and it's URL is copied into the clipboard automatically

Possible at all? Just dreaming :)



Hey @psteinweber ! That's a great idea.

I've had an item on the list for a long time to create a command line utility but since that hasn't happened how's this?

It requires bash, curl, sed and awk but if you have those installed, this should work. Let me know.


That sounds and looks amazing. Will give it a try ASAP!


Works great! Thanks for implementing it, and even that quickly. Total game changer for me personally.

@psteinweber psteinweber closed this Jun 1, 2015

@psteinweber I built a slighter better workflow that uses only Ruby (no awk, sed etc...) and posted it on packal:


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