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@AmauryCarrade AmauryCarrade released this Nov 15, 2014 · 187 commits to master since this release

The biggest SpectatorPlus update so far, with a lot of new features.
Prepare to be amazed!


  • Spectators' tools
    • You can now right-click a player with the new inspector book to view their stats, or right click a player head in the teleporter GUI.
    • The spectate.hide permission has been removed, in its place there is now a command called /spec hide. Admins will now still be able to see these hidden players' heads in the teleporter GUI. There are some new permissions for this: spectate.admin.hide.self, spectate.admin.hide.others, spectate.admin.hide (combines two previous), and spectate.admin.hide.see.
    • Projectiles (arrows, potions…) can now fly through spectators, as the spectators blocking them are teleported out of the way for a second.
    • Spectators now have a “tools” GUI, which contains options to enable speed (I, II, III or IV) or night vision (includes underwater vision). They can also choose to be teleported back to their death point.
    • Spectators can now right-click doors, trapdoors or fence gates to be teleported through them.
    • Right-clicked chests and other blocks with an inventory will show a read-only inventory to the spectators.
  • System tools
    • The toggles.yml file is now configurable from the game using the /spec config command.
    • Once you've edited and saved config, you can now use /spec reload instead of doing a full server reload or restart. Much easier (and quicker)!
    • All toggles now instantly work after /spec config or /spec reload.
    • New SpectatorPlus’ mode, “world”: with this mode, the spectators can teleport themselves to the players in the same world.
    • New configuration points
      • useSpawnCommandToTeleport - default true: true will use /spawn to teleport spectators; false will use the current world’s spawnpoint.
      • teleportToSpawnOnSpecChangeWithoutLobby - default true: true will teleport spectators to spawn if there is no global lobby set (using ‘/spec lobby set’); false will not attempt to teleport unless a lobby location is set.
      • Newbie mode - default true: true will display “(right-click)” after the spectator inventory items; false will not.
      • enforceArenaBoundary - default true: true will stop spectators flying out of an arena’s boundaries in arena mode; false will not.
    • New permissions
      • spectate.admin.hide: spectate.admin.hide.self and spectate.admin.hide.others.
      • spectate.admin.hide.self: allow the player to hide himself in the teleportation GUI using /spec hide.
      • spectate.admin.hide.others: allow the player to hide any player in the teleportation GUI using /spec hide <name>.
      • spectate.admin.hide.see: allow the player to see hidden players in the teleportation GUI (these players are displayed with a “[HIDDEN]” flag in the tooltip).
  • Miscellaneous stuff
    • The teleporter GUI now resizes to accommodate more or less player heads in it.
    • Spectators are teleported away when a player places a block where they are standing - previously the player was unable to place the block.
    • Added lore to spectator items to explain what they do.
    • Sub-commands of /spec will now intelligently auto-complete when you press tab.
  • Technical stuff
    • Re-wrote the command executor to make it easier to read and to add new commands.
    • Wrote a javadoc for the source code to make it easier to use the API (see here).
    • Arenas are now stored in a slightly different way, but don't worry - arenas already created will be migrated automatically!
  • Fixes
    • Citizens NPCs no longer cause errors (they were viewed as players before, which caused some bugs).
    • Players can no longer enter vehicles (e.g. minecarts), or ride horses while spectating.
    • For those using Multiverse Inventories: Changing world no longer causes you to lose your proper inventory for that world.
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@pgmann pgmann released this Aug 11, 2014

Release S1.9.2

  • New permissions added:
    • spectate.admin.say: Allows you to broadcast a message to spectators
    • spectate.admin.mode: Allows you to set the plugin mode (any or arena)
    • spectate.admin.arena: Allows you to manage arenas
      (See permissions list on BukkitDev for a list of all permission nodes.)
  • spectate.hide is no longer given to players with the permission spectate.* or '*'. It must be granted manually. I hope this will make it easier to use this plugin, as it's unlikely you'll want to use this permission.
  • New command: /spec say <message...>
    This broadcasts a message to spectator chat. (requires spectate.admin.say)
    The command /me is now filtered into spectator chat for spectators.
  • For developers:
    • Fixed development API - go here for instructions on how to use.
    • Added a lot more comments to the plugin's source
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@pgmann pgmann released this Jul 9, 2014 · 389 commits to master since this release

Bug fixes for S1.9:

  • New permissions have now been added:

spectate.use.others: Allows you to change spectate mode for others [/spec on ]
spectate.admin: Allows you to manage all setup and admin commands in SpectatorPlus
spectate.admin.lobby: Allows you to set the global lobby
spectate.admin.reload: Allows you to reload the plugin

See permissions list for a list of all permission nodes.

New feature for developers:

  • Added development API
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@pgmann pgmann released this Jun 12, 2014 · 393 commits to master since this release

  • Spectator mode is saved on quit - after relog players will still be in spectate mode
  • Spectators can see other spectators in ghost form (seespecs:true in toggles.yml)
  • Command to teleport to a player while spectating: /spec player or /spec p
  • Commands are blocked while spectating [for only if the player is not admin - set adminbypass:true in toggles.yml]
  • Added /spec reload to reload config while the server is running.
  • Config now updates automatically to add new options when the plugin is updated (though not the explanatory comments)
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@pgmann pgmann released this Feb 17, 2014 · 394 commits to master since this release

  • Added spectator mode on death (disabled by default, enable in toggles.yml)
  • Split config file into two: setup.yml and toggles.yml. Don't worry about setup.yml, all the values in it can be set in game.
  • Added toggles for teleporter, arena selector, spectator chat, coloured tab list, "spectator mode enabled" etc messages and spectator mode on death
  • Fixed some players not appearing in the teleporter GUI
  • Arena setup is easier
  • Many minor bug fixes
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@pgmann pgmann released this Jan 23, 2014 · 397 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed errors when disabling and enabling spectator mode
  • Fixed not changing gamemode back to survival from adventure on quit
  • You can now use /spec <on/off> from the console!
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@pgmann pgmann released this Dec 12, 2013 · 398 commits to master since this release

Version 1.5 stable commit

  • Massive code tidy (added listener class, got rid of some duplication)
  • Bug fixes
  • First stable release!
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@pgmann pgmann released this Nov 14, 2013 · 403 commits to master since this release

  • Saves player inventory instead of clearing it
  • Bug fixes with WorldGuard (gamemode and flight)
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Nov 12, 2013


Version: beta 1.3
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