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* \defgroup libpgmodeler Core library (libpgmodeler)
* \defgroup libutils Shared utility classes / namespaces library (libutils)
* \defgroup libparsers Schema file and XML parsers library (libparsers)
* \defgroup libobjrenderer Graphical objects renderer library (libobjrenderer)
* \defgroup libpgmodeler_ui pgModeler user interface library (libpgmodeler_ui)
* \defgroup libpgconnector Database connection and query library (libpgconnector)
* \defgroup main pgModeler main executable
* \defgroup crashhandler pgModeler crash handler
* \defgroup dummyplugin Dummy plugin
* \mainpage
* <h2>This is a experimental resource for developers who want to know more about pgModeler's source code and/or implements their own plug-ins.</h2>
* \section help pgModeler needs your help!
* pgModeler is growing and the development needs contributors. If you know <em>C++</em> and <em>Qt</em>, consider contributing to pgModeler. You are welcome to join us on development!
* Even if you are not a developer you can still contribute...
* <ul>
* <li>Contribute to our (currently not yet existing) User Manual</li>
* <li>Help us with translating pgModeler to more languages</li>
* <li>Report bugs or feature requests</li>
* <li>...</li>
* </ul>
* If any of this sounds or exciting to you, drop us a line.
* <em><strong>Raphael A. Silva</strong></em><br/>
* <em></em>