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# This file contains the main settings to build subprojects
# Refactored version by: Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <>
# Refactored code:
# Reviewed version by: Raphal Araújo e Silva <>
# Reviewed code:
# NOTE: Reviewed code is not a direct merge from refactored version but based upon the
# refactored code, containing almost all changes done by the refactoring author.
# Subprojects (libraries only)
SUBDIRS = libutils \
libparsers \
libpgmodeler \
libpgconnector \
libobjrenderer \
# Include the tests and plugins subprojects only on debug mode
CONFIG(debug, debug|release): SUBDIRS += tests plugins
# Including executables subprojects (libraries only)
SUBDIRS += crashhandler \
main-cli \
# Deployment settings
pgmodeler_data.files = samples schemas lang conf
pgmodeler_data.path = $$SHAREDIR
pgmodeler_doc.files = LICENSE
pgmodeler_doc.path = $$DOCDIR
INSTALLS += pgmodeler_data pgmodeler_doc
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