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PostgreSQL Database Modeler - pgModeler

This document describes a simple way to create third party plugins on pgModeler. ATTENTION: Any plugin must be compiled using the most current source and libs of pgModeler.

Basic Rules

To be used as a plugin your class must:

  • Inherit the class "PgModelerPlugin"
  • Use the macro Q_INTERFACES in its declaration.
  • Overloadthe methods PgModelerPlugin::obterRotuloPlugin(void) and PgModelerPlugin::executarPlugin(ModeloWidget *model)

Plugin directory structure

The plugins in pgModeler must be within the "plugins" folder in its own directory and must have the following basic structure:

                        +- pluginA/
                                  +---(lib)*(pluginA.)(so|dylib|dll) (library)
                                  +---pluginA.png                    (icon)
  • Library: it is the shared object that represents the plugin. The prefix (lib) and suffix (so|dylib|dll) are plataform dependent.
  • Icon: it is a PNG image that represents the plugin on the plugins toolbar.

The dummy plugin

To assist in developing a plugin the DummyPlugin project was created. This basic project has the necessary coding to create plugins. It is recommended to use this as a reference in creating your own plugins.

Advanced plugins

To create advanced plugins you need to study the source code of pgModeler (particularly the headers). The code is well documented but in Portuguese. If you want to create a plugin and have questions please contact me via e-mail.

In the near future all the code will be cataloged and online documentation in English will be available to developers (help wanted!).

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